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Power Plants

Power Plants demand bolt tightening solutions to get the job done quickly, effectively, and safely. With Titan’s in-depth industry knowledge of the safety and inspection requirements for these facilities, we offer a full line of world-class tools. They include hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic nuts, pneumatic torque tools, low profile hydraulic torque tools, and square drive torque tools.

Power Plants

TITAN Bolting Solutions:
Our Superior Bolting tools are designed to reduce downtimes, manpower hours and prevent leakages that ultimately reduce the costs associated with incorrectly tightened nuts.

Most Common Applications

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Gas turbine rotorsElectrical generators
Steam generatorsHigh-pressure steam turbines
High-pressure pip flangesRegular and heather coupling bolts
Condensation setsValves
Gas compressorsPower shaft couplings

No matter what the application, Titan has the right tool for the job. Titan delivers superior bolting products, outstanding service along with innovative support and leading edge customer driven technology.

Nuclear Power Plants
The nuclear power industry has adopted the “right the first time” philosophy, by utilizing the critical torquing and tensioning applications, which have resulted in leak-free joints. Safety becomes vital in the nuclear industry and it cannot sustain any margin of error. Therefore Titan’s Superior Bolting Solution® can reduce downtime, prevent leakages and eliminated errors.
Wind Power Plants
Titan offers torque and tension customized Bolting Solutions kits for the wind industry. Each kit can be customized to offer a complete wind turbine bolting installation or maintenance program, suitable for many different types and models of wind turbines.
Combustion Turbine Plants
At Titan, we customize torque and tensioning packages for a broad range of industries, including chemical plants, refineries, power stations, and stand-alone power stations.

Titan Hydraulic Bolting Solutions

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