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Industry Solutions

Titan offers wide range of hydraulic, pneumatic and electric torque tools designed under API and ANSI standards. Our industrial torque and tensioning application result in cost-effective solutions.

Oil and Gas Oil & Gas
When it comes to providing precision tools for the oil and gas industry, Titan is recognized worldwide as the leading manufacturer of dependable, cost-effective Superior Bolting Solutions®.
Titan hydraulic tools are commonly used in remote, adverse, limited access, and harsh environments on the upstream and downstream oilfield applications.
Mining and Construction Mining & Construction
Miners require powerful and durable tools with high-precision, high-safety and, high-efficiency.
Titan specializes in powerful pneumatic torque wrenches and hydraulic bolting solutions for mining and construction applications. We can assist your organization to improve productivity and safety by providing you the fastest, strongest and most durable tools on the market.

Power Plants Power Plants
Power Plants demand bolt tightening solutions to get the job done quickly, effectively, and safely. With Titan’s in-depth industry knowledge of the safety and inspection requirements for these facilities, we offer a full line of world-class tools. They include hydraulic tensioners, hydraulic nuts, pneumatic torque tools, low profile hydraulic torque tools, and square drive torque tools.
Shipyards Shipyards
Durable, safe, and reliable tooling is essential for the tensioning demands of the shipyard industry. At Titan, we understand the special demands of shipyard applications,  therefore have created a dynamic selection of shipyard tools that provide durability, rust-resistance, accuracy, and safety.
Steel Mills Steel Mills
The extreme conditions and demanding performance requirements in steel mills require tools that can stand up to the severe heat, grime, and relentless work they need to complete.
Locomotives Locomotives
Torque bleeding, the unwanted loosening of the nut from a bolt connected assembly, is a common occurrence throughout the industry. This phenomenon occurs for various reasons, mainly resulting from improper torque requirements upon fastening, due in part to the improper characterization of static and dynamic loading in which the connected assembly is subjected.
OFF ROAD equipment OFF ROAD equipment
Titan T- Series hydraulic wrenches are recommended for most off-road equipment maintenance.We also offer Titan Air-Tite high speed pneumatic wrenches for many off-road bolting applications.
Cranes Cranes
Tower Crane Bolting Procedures are critical because high-tensile bolt connections can only fulfill their function properly, if they are tightened to the correct torque value.