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Noticias / Buscar noticias / Chicago Pneumatic lanza su gama de equipos de construcción en China con los martillos RX

RX breakers lead the way as Chicago Pneumatic launches its range of construction equipment in China


Chicago Pneumatic is introducing its RX rig-mounted hydraulic breakers to the Chinese market in the first phase of a major expansion programme in the country. Chicago Pneumatic is making its globally-recognised construction equipment available in China for the first time and has chosen the RX breakers to form the first wave of product launches.

RX 22 app 2 b/w
A network of distributors is being established across the country to make the robust and reliable breakers accessible to users in the construction, mining and quarrying industries.
Andrew Cope, Vice President of Business Development for Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment, explained: “Our RX breakers are excellent flag bearers for the range of construction equipment we are proudly introducing to China for the first time. They represent a cost-effective solution for those seeking to invest in durable and robustly built equipment that will perform in the toughest environments. Tools of this kind will be vital to this country’s construction industry, which is ready for growth, and also to the mining and quarrying industries which remain such strong contributors to the Chinese economy.”
The German-engineered breakers are being brought to market by master distributor Neuson. Providing a proven alternative to what is currently available, the breakers are expected to appeal to both large and small operators, primarily for sale but also to serve the growing appetite in China for rental equipment.
The comprehensive RX breaker range incorporates light, medium and heavy breakers, providing for a wide range of applications, from day-to-day construction with the lighter models to heavy-duty quarrying with the larger breakers.
The range is characterised by a level of durability that minimises downtime and is smartly designed with only two moving parts to ensure a long and low-maintenance working life.
The heavy breaker range (RX26, RX30, RX38, RX46, RX54) features a service weight from 1,800 kg to 4,200 kg fitting carriers with weights ranging from 20 to 70 tons, making the breakers ideal for heavy demolition, rock excavation and quarry applications. The breakers in the heavy range are equipped with a reinforced breaker box with rock claws.
The light and medium rig-mounted breakers comprise nine models designed to match various application needs found in general construction, light to medium demolition, renovation and trenching.
Featuring a service weight between 94 and 550 kg, the light breaker range (RX 2 to RX 11) is specified for carriers in weight class 1 to 15 tons. The breakers are ideal for applications in light demolition, landscaping, building renovation and road construction.
The medium breaker range (RX 14 to RX 22) offers a service weight between 800 and 1,500 kg and is specified for carriers in weight class 12 to 28 tons. The breakers are ideal for applications in demolition, building renovation, road construction, rock excavation and quarrying.