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Remote operation

Our unit can be operated by a reliable Bluetooth remote control from a distance of up to 30 m.

Durable design

The hydraulic oil cooler reduces wear on hydraulic components. And strong welded scrapers are standard.

High compaction

Units feature extratall pads for a higher degree of compaction.

Our roller compactors

Compact and robust design, powerful engine, superior traction and reliable operation.

TR850 CP Trench Roller on job site. Compaction

Reliable Bluetooth remote control lets you operate our trench roller while it does the work. And heavy work it does — thanks to a powerful engine, excellent traction and reliable operation in even the toughest conditions. Our compact machines are able to turn tight corners and maneuver in confined spaces. They’re also easy to service, with two lockable hinged doors for quick access to key components.


Spare parts lists

Safety and operating instructions