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Easy handling

All our models have a compact size that’s convenient to maneuver.

Reliable performance

Our models feature Honda gasoline and Hatz diesel engines. They also deliver high centrifugal force for effective compaction.

Low maintenance

Lifelong lubrication on the eccentric element makes maintenance easy with longer service intervals. Double-sealed, non-contact bearings also reduce wear.
All models except MV 82.

Our plate compactors

Our forward soil plates are built for the day-to-day demands of rental companies and contractors. They’re suitable for compacting dirt, gravel, soil, asphalt and more.

CP Light compaction application

When it comes to equipment, durability and ease of use are critical. Our forward soil plates give you both, with rugged components and a compact, maneuverable design. The're the right combination for speed and efficiency in a wide range of applications — including bike paths, sidewalks, landscaping and pothole repair jobs.

T = Transport wheels