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Explosion-proof operating environments require Superior Bolting Solutions® that are intrinsically safe and spark-free. Manual methods to tighten bolts on pipeline and oil & gas applications are time-consuming and unreliable. Bolting projects on pipelines require tools and equipment that are built to endure heavy and continuous use in extreme and corroded environments. Titan offers torque wrenches to do the job more efficiently and accurately than alternative manual methods.


Leaks and joint failures due to corrosion, cost money and cause damage to the environment. Titan Tools offers you leak-free flanges and minimal downtime.

Titan’s Superior Bolting Tools are crafted from premium metals and corrosion resistant hard anodized coating. Our Pneumatic Line also has the exceptional benefit of being non-explosive.

Most Common Applications
Open table
Flange boltingGas compression
Piston end nutsCrosshead jam nuts
CounterweightAnchor bolts
Flexible disc couplingsCentrifugal compressors
Compressor end platesCompressor doghouse bolting
Dehydration towersCompressor valve jack bolts
Compressor cylindersGas compression engines

No matter what the application, Titan has the right tool for the job. Titan delivers superior bolting products, outstanding service along with innovative support and leading edge customer driven technology.