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Rotary screw compressors

Chicago Pneumatic is a leader in the design and manufacture of stationary industrial compressors, including tank-mounted and dryer versions.

CPN closed CPN Series
ŸFAD: 220 – 1631 l/min

The CPN is the smallest stationary screw compressor in the range, combining the simplicity and cost effectiveness of a piston with the durability, technology and energy efficiency of a screw compressor.

CPM series CPM Series: the small stationary screw compressor
ŸFAD: 240 – 1750 l/min

A small, powerful machine featuring the components of larger compressors.

CPA 20 CPA Series
ŸFAD: 520 – 3893 l/min

The CPA is a beautiful all-in-one, powerful and silent stationary screw compressor.
CPB CPB Series: High-efficiency compression system
ŸFAD: 520 – 3893 l/min

The two asymmetric rotors, which are equal in diameter, are mounted on high-quality, low-wear bearings. The high degree of pressure seal and very fine tolerances reached by the rotors are guaranteed even in low-power operations.
CPBg 40 CPBg Series
FAD: 2867 – 6167 l/min

With this range, Chicago Pneumatic sets a new standard in high efficiency, low noise level and outstanding reliability. These units come with a new element, a high performance gear box and premium efficiency motors.
CPC 50 CPC Series
ŸGear driven: FAD: 4700 – 8100 l/min
ŸBelt driven: FAD: 3500 – 7800 l/min
CPC Series: Stationary screw air compressors

CPD 100 CPD Series
ŸGear driven: FAD: 8600 – 12900 l/min
ŸBelt driven: FAD 7100 – 11500 l/min
Reliable under any operating conditions and featuring a high-efficiency pump, high-yield electric motor and coaxial coupling...

CPE120 CPE Series
ŸFAD: 12400 – 16200 l/min

Air-cooled CPE series compressors are designed for heavy duty installations and harsh conditions.
CPF 200 CPF Series
Sturdy and reliable, CPF is particularly suitable for heavy–duty applications.
CPG380W CPG Series: Gear drive rotary screw air compressors 380 to 480 HP
Superior single compressed air solution for demanding industries.
CPVS175 CPVS Series
The Chicago Pneumatic Variable Speed (CPVS) compressor allows you to save operating costs when your application does not require the compressor’s full capacity.
CP CPVSd TM Leftfront CPVSd Series
FAD: 272 – 6000 l/min

Chicago Pneumatic sets a new milestone with this range of direct driven variable speed compressors. The new design entails outstanding efficiency, a maximum of energy savings, very high flexibility and very low ownership costs.

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