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Light Towers

Robust CP light towers deliver bright, reliable light for night applications ranging from construction work and mining to sporting events and emergency applications.

CPLT H5 cover CP texture (cropped version)
CP light towers feature which requires less power, produces more light and offers long life. In addition, they offer heavy-duty construction, easy setup and excellent fuel capacity for extended operation. These compact, trailer-mounted units are easy to transport and maneuver to position ideal lighting where it’s needed.

CPLT H5 3qtr left half up CPLT H5 Light Tower
Key features of the CPLT H5 light tower include a hydraulic mast for fast light positioning and a uniquely designed control panel that simplifies operation and maintenance. This compact, heavy-duty unit is also light and easy to roll where you want it on the site.

CPLT M12 3qtr half up CPLT M12 Light Tower
The CPLT M12 light tower features a simple manual mast, straightforward controls and a pop-up canopy for convenient service access. It’s extremely light and maneuverable, making it easy to move to the desired location.
Light Tower CP CPLT M10 Light Tower
The metal halide lamp technology is one of the most efficient ways of turning electrical energy into light. It requires less power, produces more light and provides the ideal lighting for working, sport and event areas. The CPLT is available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions.
CPLB 6 Outriggers Down CPLB 6 Light Tower
The CPLB 6 is one of the most efficient light tower on the market today. Light up the night while saving fuel, emissions and maintenance costs with the CPLB 6 LED light tower. It delivers the same luminosity as a 4,000 W metal halide light tower with up to 71% less fuel.
CPLT V15_mast down CPLT V15 Light Tower
The CPLT V15 is a light tower with a difference. It’s the first model in the Chicago Pneumatic range to utilize a heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) canopy. This new canopy coupled with the light tower’s small size, ease of transportation and bright light performance give the CPLT V15 a winning combination.
CPLB 2 CPLB 2 Light Tower
The CPLB2 provides a flexible lighting solution by allowing users to easily plug into any power source including auxiliary power, electrical generator or directly into the grid.