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Vibration reduced hammers, picks and clay diggers

Chicago Pneumatic offers a range of vibration-reduced hammers for chipping, demolition and clay digging applications.

These tools include a vibration isolator unit but keep the key features of the original CP tools: robustness and good handling, without sacrificing hitting power.   

CP 0017 SVR for light demolition, light repair work on concrete, stone and brickwork is ideal also for industrial applications in foundries, steel mills, shipyards etc.

CP 0122 SVR and CP 0125 SVR are the most powerful pick hammers in the range. They are particularly suitable for working in relatively hard concrete in demolition, pile-capping or bridge deck applications.             

FL 0022 SVR and FL 0022 VR are vibration reduced clay diggers. They are designed for mining and soft tunneling applications.

Technical data

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionWeightChuck sizeAir consumptionBlows per minuteVibration level 3 axes (ISO 20643)Shank stdCE
8900000135CP 0017 SVR 19 x 509,5Hex. 19 x 5017177012,4InternationalYes
8900000137CP 0017 SVR 3H9,5Hex. 14.7 x 6017177012,4USAYes
8900000136CP 0017 SVR 3R 9,5Rnd. 17,3 x 6017177012,4USAYes
8900000145CP 0122 SVR13,5Hex 22 x 82.521138021,9InternationalYes
8900000144CP 0122 SVR13,5Rd 25 x 7521138021,9InternationalYes
8900000147CP 0125 SVR14,0Rd 25 x 7517108030,1InternationalYes
8900000139FL 0022 SVR Clay Digger13,0Sq. 19 x 8221138021,9-Yes
T025402FL 0022 VR Clay Digger12,5Sq. 19 x 8221138021,9-Yes

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

Out of production
8900 0001 38 - FL 0022 SVR Pic (Hex 22 mm) 
T025403 - FL 0022 SVR Pic (Rd 25 mm) 
8900 0001 40 - FL 0025 SVR Pic (Rd 25 mm)
More detailed technical data in the pdf files below.

Chipping hammers
CP is offering you a choice of more than 20 hammers designed for both construction and industrial applications.
Picks and clay diggers
Chicago Pneumatic picks are powerful yet relatively light, making them suitable for a wide variety of light to medium demolition and clay digging applications.