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Chipping hammers

CP is offering you a choice of more than 20 hammers designed for both construction and industrial applications, to best match your particular needs:

CP 0012: for light chipping duties. Precise control with a handle design similar to CP0009, 12 lbs (5.5 Kg)
CP 4123: Powerful, yet compact and lightweight. Available in 2', 3' and 4' stroke versions, 13-15 lbs (6-7 Kg).

CP 4125: Premium quality chippers with additional features such as ring valve and chrome plated cylinder for extra durability and better performance in dirty environments such as foundries, 13-15lbs (6-7Kg).

CP 4130, CP 4131 and CP 0016: Four bolt design chippers for increased durability, strength and ease of service, 18-19 lbs (8-9 Kg)

Technical data

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionWeightLengthBlows per minuteAir consumptionVibration level 3 axes (ISO 20643)Chuck sizeShank stdCE
8900000101CP 0012 (Hex 19x50)5,540626009,514,6Hex 19x50InternationalYes
8900000132CP 0016 (Hex 19x50)8,54201920129,6Hex 19x50InternationalYes
8900000103CP 0012 2H5,540626009,514,6Hex 14.7USAYes
8900000102CP 0012 2R5,540626009,514,6Rd 17.3USAYes
8900000105CP 4123 2H7,037522201213,2Hex 14.7USANo
8900000104CP 4123 2R7,037522201213,2Rd 17.3USANo
8900000107CP 4123 3H7,542518001411,4Hex 14.7USANo
8900000106CP 4123 3R7,542518001411,4Rd 17.3USANo
8900000109CP 4123 4H 8,046014401313,9Hex 14.7USANo
8900000108CP 4123 4R8,046014401313,9Rd 17.3USANo
8900000111CP 4125 2H7,038019201313,8Hex 14.7USANo
8900000110CP 4125 2R 7,038019201313,8Rd 17.3USANo
8900000113CP 4125 3H7,541516801515,3Hex 14.7USANo
8900000112CP 4125 3R7,541516801515,3Rd 17.3USANo
8900000115CP 4125 4H8,044514401314,6Hex 14.7USANo
8900000114CP 4125 4R8,044514401314,6Rd 17.3USANo
8900000117CP 4130 3H8,54201920129,6Hex 14.7USAYes
8900000116CP 4130 3R8,54201920129,6Rd 17.3USAYes
8900000119CP 4130 4H9,0450144012,512,3Hex 14.7USAYes
8900000118CP 4130 4R9,0450144012,512,3Rd 17.3USAYes
8900000134CP 4131 3H9,04201920129,6Hex 14.7USAYes
8900000133CP 4131 3R9,04201920129,6Rd 17.3USAYes

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

Out of production
T020803 - CP 4125 PYRA 
T020804 - CP 4125 PYRE 
T020805 - CP 4125 PYSA 
T021296 - CP 4125 PYSE 
T020806 - CP 4125 PYTA  
T021297 - CP 4125 PYTE

More detailed technical data in the pdf files below.

Picks and clay diggers
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