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CombiForm Screed Rail System

CombiForm is a lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system that is cast into the concrete, potentially saving time and transport costs.

CombiForm with screws
The CombiForm system is easy to set up, and it doesn’t require the concrete to be pre-leveled before screeding. Simply connect sections of CombiForm rail to create the span you need and level them with the adjusting screws. Once the rails are set, the operator pulls the screed on top of them to achieve a flat and level floor. In addition, the plastic strip creates a joint, which controls crack formation and reduces the need for floor sawing.

Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight rail system is easy to set in place
  • Plastic guide strip allows fast, accurate screeding
  • Holes allow concrete to penetrate when vibrated for a strong product
  • CombiForm stays inside poured concrete and creates an expansion joint
  • Sections can be cut and assembled immediately prior to concreting
  • Sections are stackable for compact storage
This versatile screed rail system is suitable for all beddings. All dimensions of reinforcement bars can be used. Clips, screws and other level adjustment accessories are available separately.

Open table
  C 25C 45C 65C 85C 105C 125C 145
Weight/3.5 mkg2.
Part Number 4700 0021 364700 0019 724700 0019 914700 0019 734700 0019 744700 0019 754700 0019 76
Note: CombiForm comes in 3,5 m sections and are sold in boxes of 10 sections. Orders must be placed in multiples of 10.
Locking clips are included with each 3,5 m CombiForm section to support normal beam loads.

CombiForm Accessories

Open table
 C 25C 45C 65C 85C 105C 125C 145
Locking Clip, 1 piece-4700 0028 094700 0028 104700 0028 114700 0028 124700 0028 134700 0028 14
Open table
 Ground Plate
Part Number4700 0020 01
Open table
Height (mm)256090100120140160
Part Number4700 0022 064700 0020 004700 0022 074700 0022 094700 0022 104700 0021 044700 0022 11
Open table
 Adjustment ToolAdjustment ToolAdjustment Tool (For handheld drill machine)Leveling StickElevating Strip
Height (mm)4401 300--30
Length (m)----3.5
Part Number4700 0020 284700 0020 273382 0106 424700 0020 294700 0022 08