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Trench roller

Compact and robust design, powerful engine, superior traction and reliable operation.

The muscular TR850 and TR630 is an excellent choice for work on cohesive or granular soil in connection with trenches, backfills, foundations and similar applications. Despite its robustness the

TR850 is easy to maneuver, even in the toughest environments. Counter rotating drums – that enables rotation about its own axis – makes turning tight corners easy. The tall pads on the drums help increase compaction efficiency and enable the machine to climb 35-degree slopes. Service points are easily accessed under the top cover. For longer service life the TR850 is equipped with an oil cooler system.

Features & Benefits
  • Powerful engine, superior traction and reliable operation
  • Bluetooth radio remote controlled
  • Fully hydraulic with integrated oil cooler
  • Strong welded scrapers are standard
  • Lockable hinged doors for easy maintenance access
Used for cohesive or granular soil work in trenches, construction backfills, foundations and on roads.

Technical data

Open table
Part NumberDescriptionOperating weightCentrifugal forceSpeed (forward/reverse)Plate widthEngineSound power guaranteedSound pressure at operators earH/A vibrations

Important: Full details of measurements are available in the Operation and Maintenance Manuals of the products. They can be found on the CP Printshop.

More detailed technical data in the pdf files below.