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News / Search news / Chicago Pneumatic launches new robust and reliable CPLT M12 light tower for international markets

Chicago Pneumatic launches new robust and reliable CPLT M12 light tower for international markets


International construction equipment Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new CPLT M12 light tower, featuring a manual mast, for the global construction and portable lighting industry.

CPLT M12 3qtr up
The CPLT M12 light tower features a proven design that is easy-to-use, service, and operate, and is extremely light and manoeuvrable, making it easy to move to a desired location on a work site.

Commenting on the launch, Sergio Salvador, Chicago Pneumatic’s Light Tower Product Marketing Manager, said: Whether you need portable light for work sites, night events or emergency response, the CPLT M12 light tower is the ideal solution, and delivers a robust and reliable way for operators to put light right where they need it.”

Aimed at the international market, the CPLT M12 includes a simple to deploy manual mast that extends up to a maximum height of 9.45 m (31.0 ft), and is capable of illuminating a large area thanks to 360˚ rotation. The new light tower features four 1000 W lamps which are capable of generating 440,000 lumens of lighting power. This impressive output comes as a result of the use of highly-efficient metal halide lamp technology, which requires less power and produces more light, in addition to providing for a long lifetime under normal working conditions.

Available in both 50 Hz and 60 Hz versions, the new light tower features an innovative canopy design with a “pop-up” top that provides for convenient access, making it easy for operators to reach components for service and maintenance. The CPLT M12 also includes a new Kubota D1105 engine that ensures reliable performance, and features a high capacity fuel tank capable of providing for up to 60-70 hours of continuous operation at 4kW.

Other additional options which are available for the CPLT M12 light tower include a high performance fuel filter that delivers 100% separation of water and fuel and filtration of particles over 30 microns, an earth leakage circuit breaker that detects electrical current leaking to the ground, and an emergency stop button located on the outside of the unit near the electrical panel to protect users and equipment.

The CPLT M12 builds upon the success of Chicago Pneumatic’s existing CPLT M10 light tower, and is designed for a wide variety of portable light applications, including for use on construction, mining, and oil and gas work sites, public lighting at night events, such as live sport and live entertainment events, and in emergency response situations.