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Versatile and ergonomic CP5080 Industrial Belt Sanders Series


The CP5080 industrial belt sanders series offers a wide range of abrasive belt dimensions from 12 inches up to 24 inches to literally cover every material removal application needs.

The versatility of the CP5080 belt sanders series is based on the interchangeable arm system, which shape is adapted to the different application geometries and the abrasive usage:
  • Finishing using the sliding pad for edge operation
  • Finishing using the belt side for round surfaces operation
  • Finishing using the front roller for flat surfaces operation
The light and compact composite body of these ergonomic CP belt sanders offers comfortable handling and truly industrial grade durability.

CP5080-3260D12, this 12”model is ideal for precise work in tight spaces:
Featuring 0.4hp / 300W power, with ½”x12” (13mm x 300mm) belts the CP5080-3260D12 is ideal for precise sanding, grinding and finishing in edges, grooves, and corners. It is also available within a kit including arms, abrasives and a robust case.

CP5080-4200D24, this 24”model is the versatile tool you need to cover various material removal applications:
Featuring  0.5hp / 400W power, with 1/2” x 24” (13mm x 600mm) belts, the  CP5080-4200D24 is the right tool for sanding, filing, weld cleaning, turbine reworking, clean and finishing of all metal components. With its wide variety of interchangeable arms, it is the right tool if you are looking for maximum versatility.

CP5080-4200H18, this 18” model is the best for finishing application:
Featuring 0.5hp / 400W power, with 1/2” x 18” (13mm x 450mm) belts, the CP5080-4200H18 is the best tool for finishing and deburring in tight areas with high power. Thanks to its interchangeable arm, it adapts to all applications geometries. It is also available within a kit including arms, abrasives and robust case.

CP5080-5220H18, this 18” model is ideal for large surfaces:
Boasting 0.75hp / 560W power, with 5/8” x 18” (19mm x 300mm) large belts, the  CP5080-5220H18 is ideal  for grinding welds, blending, and deburring on flat surfaces but also cylindrical applications. Its interchangeable arm adapts to all applications geometries, up to ¾” 19mm wide belts.