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News / Search news / Chicago Pneumatic Introduces 34 Governed Motor Industrial Grinders: CP3109 & CP3119 Series

Chicago Pneumatic Introduces 34 Governed Motor Industrial Grinders: CP3109 & CP3119 Series


Governed tools deliver higher torque at top operating speed for greater grinding productivity

Chicago Pneumatic, since 1901 a quality leader in high-performance air tools and the sole global manufacturer of governed motor grinders, today introduced two new series of governed industrial grinders: the 0.8hp (600W) CP3109 series and the 1.2hp (900W) CP3119 series. Designed to be used with mounted points, carbide burrs, grinding wheels and straight wheels, the new grinders are built for a wide range of applications including die contouring, de-burring, weld cleaning, light chamfering and repairs.

CP3109 & CP3119 Series
The new CP3109 & 3119 governed grinders are also notable for their comfortable ergonomic design and outstanding durability. “Chicago Pneumatic understands the value of delivering ergonomic, durable and highly-productive tools,” said Luis Clement, Vice President Chicago Pneumatic Tools. “Compared to ungoverned tools, which reach peak torque at only 55 percent of maximum speed, our governed tools reach peak torque at 90 percent of maximum speed to deliver higher productivity.” 
Chicago Pneumatic die grinders, angle wheel and straight wheel grinders are ergonomically designed for worker comfort and productivity including:  a thermal insulated composite housing; a safety trigger designed to be virtually unfelt by the operator; and a clip-on silencer to reduce noise. 
The well-known durability of Chicago Pneumatic tools is enhanced with features that include: a unique dual air and grease cooling system on angle tools, helical bevel gears for increased surface contact, an all steel housing, and triple bearings on extended and extra-long reach die grinders.

Overview of the 34 Models

Divided into two power categories - 0.8 hp (600W) and 1.2 hp (900W) - the new models range in speed from 12,000 to 28,000 rpm.
Twenty-four of the new models are straight die grinders: Eleven are regular length, eleven extended shaft and two extra-long reach models up to 34 inches. 
Seven of the new models are straight wheel grinders and three are angle grinders: a regular length angle wheel grinder, an extended shaft angle wheel, and one angle die grinder. 
The CP3109 and CP3119 series are now available from Chicago Pneumatic Tools authorized distributors.  For additional information and distributors’ contact request visit our contact page

Open table
11 Straight Die Grinders11 Extended Die Grinders 7 Straight Wheel Grinders2 Long reach/
Extra Long Reach
Straight Grinders
1 Angle Wheel Grinder1 Extended Angle
Wheel Grinder
1 Angle Grinder