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News / Search news / Chicago Pneumatic launches the CP 0122 and CP 0125 series of handheld pneumatic hammers

Chicago Pneumatic launches the CP 0122 and CP 0125 series of handheld pneumatic hammers


At Bauma, Chicago Pneumatic launches the new CP 0122 S, CP 0122 SL, and CP 0125 S pneumatic pick hammers. Also launched at the same time are the vibro-reduced hammers of the CP 0122 SVR and CP 0125 SVR models. The CP 0122 and CP 0125 series are the most powerful pick hammers in the Chicago Pneumatic range, weighing 24-31 lb (11-14 kg).

CP0122 SL
We started out from the well-proven FL 0022 and FL 0025 clay digger models”, explains Jan Ohlson, Product Line Manager Handheld pneumatics. “By re-designing those for pick hammer work, with new handles and new trigger geometry, we got a new series of tools which are both easier to handle and, consequently, also more operator-friendly.”
The new hammers are robust tools with machined barrels and high quality hardened steel components to raise durability. From the FL clay diggers, the new tools also inherit great power and well-proven quality tested out in tough underground applications.
They are particularly suitable for working with relatively hard concrete in demolition, pile-capping or bridge deck applications.
CP 0122 S and CP 0125 S models include a muffler and a screw cap tool retainer.
The CP 0122 SVR and CP 0125 SVR are the same basic machines as the S models but with an added vibro-reducing handle.

CP 0122 models are available with either hexagonal or round shank bushings, while CP 0125 models only come with round shanks.

CP 0122 SL is a version where a kick-latch tool retainer has replaced the screw cap.
All of the tools are CE-approved.

Contact: Anja Kaulbach,, +49-201-633-2233
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