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Chicago Pneumatic launches comprehensive new concrete equipment range


Global construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has announced the launch of its comprehensive new concrete equipment range.

CP Pneumatic Poker Red_BW_app02.jpg
In applications from walls to floor slabs, the range has products to cover every step of the job, from vibration and levelling to finishing and cutting. Commenting on this major product launch, Andrew Cope, Vice President for Business Development at Chicago Pneumatic said: “We’re excited about this new range because it gives our customers a great opportunity to improve productivity throughout their concrete projects. Productivity gains arise because the operator can always find the right tool for the job, whether it’s vibrating, levelling, finishing or cutting.” 

Freshly poured concrete has air voids which must be removed by vibration to increase its density and finished strength. Depending on the concrete’s depth and slump, this can be achieved using a poker or screed. Customers can now choose mechanical, electric or pneumatic pokers from Chicago Pneumatic to best meet their specific application and concrete type.
The new durable and user-friendly VPM mechanical pokers provide excellent choices for mid-sized construction sites using medium-to-high slump concrete. VPE electric pokers are ideal where low noise, low maintenance, light pokers are required. They offer fast start-up, a wide action radius and rapid acceleration for medium-to-high slump concrete. For jobs of any size with low-to-high-slump concrete requiring high-speed vibration, the VPP pneumatic poker range delivers high-performance centrifugal force. With compressed-air cooling and low maintenance, these pokers are highly dependable even in the most remote locations.

The Chicago Pneumatic poker range is fully complemented by a wide selection of portable power sources. Mechanical pokers have a choice of gasoline or diesel drive units with rugged construction, rubber mountings to reduce vibration and noise, and quick-release couplings. VCE Frequency converters run electric pokers on sites with electric power; otherwise, VCG gasoline and VCD diesel generators are available. Some generators can supply up to four VPE pokers simultaneously. A complete range of air compressors is also available to run VPP pneumatic pokers in different job sites.

In addition to pokers, the new concrete product line includes walk-behind screeds that provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube. Equipped with reliable Honda® engines, they offer reduced hand-arm vibration, with an easily-accessible ignition switch and throttle control for quick adjustments. The LBG 1200 hand-held screed provides surface vibration only; it is suitable for slabs of all types and concrete of all consistencies. Recommended for smaller slabs and medium-to-low slump concrete, the LBG 800 bull float screed provides deeper vibration and single-step levelling.
Screeding time, labour and transport costs can also be cut with the CP CombiForm lightweight, leave-in-place screed rail system. CombiForm is easily prepared and cast into the concrete, providing an efficient levelling solution. Without requirement for concrete pre-levelling before screeding, it can also eliminate the need for a floor saw.
Chicago Pneumatic’s STG power trowels are ideal where smoother finished surfaces are essential. Models are available for jobs from small edging tasks to larger floors. With efficient, reliable performance and low maintenance, they create long-lasting durable finishes for concrete slabs, industrial floors, parking lots and alleys. The STG 24 is a small power float edger intended for smaller slabs and finishing edges, especially in confined spaces and by walls. STG 36 and 46 are higher capacity trowels designed for larger slabs.
Completing the range are concrete and asphalt floor saws that deliver a straight, stable cut for expansion joints, to a maximum depth of 150 mm. They can also cut asphalt for road maintenance, or act as a jack hammer alternative. They ease the operator’s work with adjustable handles and perfectly positioned controls. Both gasoline and diesel models are available; both conform to Chicago Pneumatic’s standards of reliability and simple maintenance.
For more information about Chicago Pneumatic’s new concrete equipment range please visit: concrete equipment