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New line of handheld hydraulic tools and accessories

We are pleased to introduce a complete line of handheld hydraulic breakers, tools and packs. The new line is a comprehensive package for those in rental, building and road maintenance. Where efficient and portable tools are preferred, this line is the obvious choice.

Breakers & Pick hammers for any demolition, breaking, tamping or driving need

Looking for flexibility – or just raw power?
Either way, you’ve found it. CP hydraulic breakers range from flexible, lightweight models up to super heavy duty models hitting at 103 foot pound and delivering an average of 1,276 blows per minute. Whatever the job, large or small, light or heavy, CP has the right tool in its breaker line-up.
Get more done!
The slim design of CP hydraulic breakers gives a good line of sight to the working tool point which boosts your productivity. The tools are well balanced, with no external side bolts and protruding machine parts that can come into contact with the operator’s body.
Quick couplings
Hoses are fitted with flat face HTMA quick release couplings for fast and easy connections in all work situations. The couplings are designed to help keep hydraulic systems clean on work sites where there are large amounts of dust and dirt.

BRK 25 D
A small, lightweight but powerful 13 kg pick hammer for all-round horizontal demolition and renovation jobs.

BRK 40 and BRK 40 VR
A lightweight T-handle breaker for renovation jobs in light to medium-hard concrete demolition jobs. With a hex 25 mm front part this model has a weight as low as 18-19 kg and still outperforms the biggest electric breakers weighing 30 kg. Try it with a PAC 9 and you’ll never go back to anything heavier! It is also the preferred ballast tamper by railroads, where hydraulic tools are preferred for their light weight, good balance and very slim design.
BRK 55 and BRK 55 VR
With 25% higher hitting power than the BRK 40, this is the preferred breaker by rental and road contractors, where wide chisels are used for opening up asphalt roads. Available in hex 25, 28 and 32 mm shank size.
BRK 70 and BRK 70 VR
A heavy duty breaker for demanding jobs in reinforced concrete and hard asphalt cutting. This is the preferred model outside Europe, operated from a 30 lpm flow PAC, and used in large jobs, where rigmounted breakers are not an option.
BRK 95 and BRK 95 VR
This is simply the most powerful handheld breaker that exists – no matter if compared to electric, pneumatic or competitors’ hydraulic tools. For demanding jobs, and when the request is simply a heavy duty 90 pounder. It hits and performs like a 100 kg mounted breaker, available even with vibration-dampened handles (VR version).
The BRK 55 VR and the heavier BRK 70 VR are also available in models accepting a hydraulic back pressure as high as 30 bar. This makes them ideal for operation from skid-steer and excavator hydraulic outlets (by means of OFD flow-dividers).

Saws & Drills for renovation and installation works in roads, buildings and infrastructure services

SAW 14 and SAW 16
A direct hydraulic drive, utilising the full hydraulic power from a 13 or 18 hp power pack, makes these two saws extremely powerful and reliable. Low weight, noise and vibration are key features. For small road cutting jobs, a lightweight cart is available, turning this hand saw into a light-duty floor saw.
COR 5 and COR 15 Core Drills
A direct hydraulic drive with built-in hydraulic torque (which reduces operator kickback) control makes these core drills safe and efficient in reinforced concrete or brick walls. Perfect in all conditions where electric alternatives are not ideal. It drills holes with diameters up to 200-250 mm by free hand. Works perfectly underwater and can easily be mounted in a standard industry drill stand for more efficient deep-hole drilling.

Submersible Water & Slurry Pumps

WAP 2 and WAP 3
The 2” CP pump is ideal for drainage from flooded excavations and cellars. Just dump it into the flooded excavation and it will pump away any water and small particles that may be sucked through the strainer. The 3” pump is a slurry pump ideal for pumping of thick material from suit lines or muddy flooded areas, accepting particles up to 60 mm.

Oil flow dividers

OFD 5 & OFD 8
20 and 30 lpm pre-regulated oil flow dividers can be used for safe and simple operation of all CP HHH tools from any hydraulic operated skidsteer, tractor, excavator, crane or lorry on the worksite.
PAC P9, PAC P13, PAC P18 and PAC D10
The first three models are petrol driven with 9-18 hp engines from Honda or Briggs & Standard Vanguard, and the last model is a powerful 10 hp diesel unit with an Lombardini engine. All have recoil robe start and the last two models also feature electric start as standard. All packs can be used with 20 lpm tools and PAC 13 and PAC 18 can be adjusted to run the 30 or 40 lpm tools at their highest performance.
The diesel version can only be used for markets outside the EU and we have also made non-EU gas-driven models available.
New biodegradable Power Pack oil
A readily biodegradable formulation makes use of the Power Pack as environmentally friendly as possible. The oils are recommended for operating fluid temperatures between 15˚C and 80˚C. Apart from being ecological, the oils have additional benefits:
  • Reduced maintenance: All system components are protected by effective rust and corrosion inhibitors.
  • Trouble-free equipment operation: Fully compatible with all hydraulic system components and seals. All Power Packs come with a starter set of two 4 liter bottles of Chicago Pneumatic Power Pack biodegradable oil.
Water Kit
Diamond blades and core bits need a constant supply of water to cool, flush away slurry and suppress dust. On remote sites where there is no water supply, we recommend the Chicago Pneumatic Water Kit, a small pressurized water container.