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New products

CP90250 Chicago Pneumatic is releasing 2 Ultracapacitor Batteryless Jump Starters to be used in workshops or for roadside assistance
These powerful new Chicago Pneumatic ultracapacitor boosters are designed to safely jump start a flat battery within seconds, even in adverse conditions. The ultracapacitor technology is able to harness the power from a weak battery and boost it to start 12v light vehicles.
CP82200 Chicago Pneumatic extends its range with high capacity jack stands
To complete its jack stand range, Chicago Pneumatic launches two new high capacity jack stands for supporting trucks, buses, trailers, and equipment in fleet garages, agricultural, industrial and construction environments.
CP1114R Chicago Pneumatic announces its latest addition to the industrial pistol drills range, CP1114R
Powered by a 0.5HP (410W) motor, these reversible pistol drills are perfect for drilling, tapping and reaming in industrial production and maintenance applications.
Chicago Pneumatic adds CPPG Inverters to portable generator range
Chicago Pneumatic has expanded its range of portable generators with the addition of four new CPPG inverter models, which are designed for contractors who require a clean and reliable source of AC power below 3 kW at a moment’s notice.
CP8210 - Red Hawk Drill Red Hawk drills recognised in Construction Equipment magazine’s Top 100 new products of 2016
The Chicago Pneumatic Red Hawk range of petrol-powered drills has been included in Construction Equipment magazine’s prestigious Top 100 new products of 2016.
CP28xx series Chicago Pneumatic launches the new CP28 Industrial Screwdrivers!
The new series consists of two pistol grip versions, CP2816/CP2817 and two straight versions, CP2828/ CP2829. They offer the customer durability and superior ergonomics, thanks to the robust and slim design combined with a very durable motor and cushion clutch.
Chicago Pneumatic - CPLT H6 LED Application Image Chicago Pneumatic’s CPLT H6LED light tower provides efficiency on the move
Chicago Pneumatic has launched its seventh light tower. Equipped with wheels and featuring high-efficiency LED lamps with specially-designed optics to maximise light coverage and brightness, the new CPLT H6LED offers greater luminosity and improved transportability with the goal of reducing overall operational costs. The combination of efficiency, toughness and portability ensures that the new models can meet the demands of applications including construction sites, events, rental and oil and gas.
CP85XXX air hydraulic jacks range Chicago Pneumatic enhances its workshop equipment range with new air hydraulic jacks
Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new series of air hydraulic jacks, extending its workshop equipment range for professional vehicle maintenance customers. The CP85XXX range of high quality, high lifting capacity air hydraulic jacks are perfect for tire changing and general mechanic applications on heavy vehicles such as buses, trucks and agricultural vehicles.
CPDG Range Chicago Pneumatic extends CPDG generator range up to 200 kVA
Chicago Pneumatic has extended its range of CPDG mobile diesel generators up to 200 kVA. Originally including 5 models from 9 to 40 kVA, the CPDG range has been bolstered with the addition of six new models from 60 to 200 kVA.
Chicago Pneumatic launches tough mid-sized portable compressors with adjustable pressure settings
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched two new tough and highly versatile mid-sized portable air compressors with adjustable pressure settings. The CPS 11-10 can be set at either 7 or 10 bar, while the CPS11-14 can be set at a pressure of 12 or 14 bar.
CP Red Rock Series with Breaker Chicago Pneumatic launches toughest ever range of portable compressors
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched Red Rock: its toughest ever range of portable air compressors. All models come equipped with incredibly durable polyethylene canopies as standard, in addition to being lightweight and astonishingly quick to service, making them ideal for extended periods of use in the most challenging and rugged construction sites around the world.
SizeMatters Discover the #CPSizeMATTERS range today!
In response to user demand and market trends for smaller, lighter tools, Chicago Pneumatic is launching its most compact and lightweight air tools for the automotive aftermarket. Our ultra-compact range is ideal for use inside the vehicle and engine compartment where tight spaces restrict the movement of conventional tools. They are must have additions to every mechanics’ tool box!
CP7732C A must have in your toolbox! The new CP7732C stubby ½” composite impact wrench
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7732C is an ultra-compact and powerful ½’’ composite impact wrench. At only 4.3" long (108 mm), this stubby impact wrench is ideal for very restricted areas, like transmission and engine work. Since this tool is shorter than your hand, anywhere your hand can fit, so can the CP7732C!
CP6120-D35H Discover the new CP6120-D35H/L premium industrial 1-1/2 inch impact wrenches
With even higher power than the previous generation and fantastic ergonomics, the new CP6120-D35H/L sets new standard and confirms Chicago Pneumatic’s position as the leading super duty 1-1/2 inch impact wrench manufacturer.
CP7737 CP7727 and CP7737 innovative compact composite angle impact wrenches excel in power and performance
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7727, CP7737 angle impact wrenches are the best in class in terms of compact design, low weight, high power and durability, and expected to set new high levels of performance. The user-friendly angle wrench has a revolutionary design compared with traditional angle impacts, and delivers maximum torque in confined areas found in engine compartments and under the vehicle.
CP6773-D18D New compact and rugged industrial impact wrenches for heavy duty MRO applications
The robust CP6763-D18D ¾” and CP6773-D18D 1” wrenches were previously available in pistol version only, but have now been designed in a straight version with D-handle to give users more flexibility and choice for their applications. There are now four impact wrenches in the industrial MRO range and they deliver the best value for money in this class of high quality products, additionally the ¾” straight impact wrench is one of only a few products on the market with a D-handle.
CP7763D New CP7763D/CP7773D high power impact wrenches enable Vehicle Service Professionals to get the job done quickly with less fatigue
The CP7763D/CP7773D is a compact and lightweight straight impact wrench series that provides excellent durability and power for general mechanic applications and tire changing on light trucks and heavy vehicles. Thanks to the new D-handle design and the various ergonomic features of the impact wrench, users are provided with greater stability when holding the tool and increased user comfort than alternative models.
CPLTV15 construction environment New CPLVT V15 light towers offer Durability, Safety and Performance
Chicago Pneumatic is to launch two new light towers. The new V15s are the first models in the Chicago Pneumatic range to use a heavy-duty polyethylene (PE) canopy. This new canopy coupled with the light tower’s small size, ease of transportation and fuel-efficient performance ensure that the new models meet the demands of a variety of applications.
MR7005 Chicago Pneumatic to launch tough and reliable construction equipment at BAUMA 2016
Chicago Pneumatic is expanding its range of construction equipment with the launch of several new tough, reliable and highly efficient portable energy, light compaction and rig-mounted attachment products at BAUMA 2016, taking place in Munich on 11-17 April.
CP7829 New Chicago Pneumatic CP7829 ergonomic ratchets
Discover the new Chicago Pneumatic CP7829 ergonomic ratchets for the vehicle service industry: exceptional power, durability and user comfort
RC 450 Chicago Pneumatic launches new RC range of hydraulic compactor attachments
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched its latest generation of rig-mounted hydraulic compactor attachments. The RC range includes five new models, for use on carriers with an operating weight of 1-40 tonnes, offering robust performance, high efficiency and easy maintenance for demanding applications including slope, trench and waste compaction, side development and piling.
CPDG Chicago Pneumatic adds new options to CPDG generators to boost toughness and portability
Chicago Pneumatic has introduced a host of new optional features to its CPDG mobile diesel-powered generator range, including higher capacity fuel tanks, road trailer options and a galvanised skid, to provide contractors with enhanced portability, toughness and extended run-times.
CP93 Series The Chicago Pneumatic CP9362, CP9363, and CP9373 are a full range of robust chipping hammers, built for the toughest industrial applications
Ideal for weld flux chipping, demolition, scaling in shipyards, large castings cleaning, rivet busting, or removing concrete rest from concrete mixers
new CP wheel dollies Chicago Pneumatic Launches Two New High Quality Wheel Dollies For Trucks, Buses And Tractors
For heavy vehicles tire changing or undercarriage system operations, the new CP87700 and CP87120 wheel dollies provide high maneuverability in or outside the workshops.
HR9213-HR9113 Chicago Pneumatic new range of industrial hose reels make tough jobs easier
With enhanced durability testing and a new crimping system that gives maximum quality, our new industrial hose reels HR9213 provide the most robust solution ever seen at CP!
Presses Chicago Pneumatic expands its workshop equipment range with new rugged 75t and 100t air-hydraulic presses
Made of rugged steel and iron construction, the 4 new models of presses - CP86750 and CP86100 for CE Markets and CP86751, CP86101 for ASME - include many high-quality features to make your job safer, easy and fast.
CP7545 Chicago Pneumatic, endüstriyel MRO uygulamaları ve otomobil tamirhaneleri için güçlü, yeni açılı taşlama motorlarından oluşan CP75XX Serisini tanıtıyor
Chicago Pneumatic CP75XX kompozit açılı taşlama motorları serisi, bakım ve onarım faaliyetlerinde (MRO) kullanılabilecek, bugün pazardaki, sınıfının en güçlü açılı taşlama motorlarından biridir. Yüzey hazırlama, otomobil tamirhaneleri uygulamaları ve kaynak curüflarının çıkarılması için ideal olan CP75XX serisi, Chicago Pneumatic ürün yelpazesinde önemli bir gelişmedir ve kullanıcıların verimliliğini ve sonuç olarak karlılığını arttırmasını sağlayan bu serinin taşlama motorlarında yeni kalite standardını belirlemesi beklenmektedir.
CP7711-21 Chicago Pneumatic unveils light weight ultra-compact butterfly impact wrench CP7711/21 for vehicle service
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7711/21 ultra-compact butterfly wrench is the lightest tool of its type on the market and 15% smaller than its predecessor, which means it offers mechanics and vehicle service professionals’ unrivalled access and maneuverability...
CP67x8-series Discover the new CP67x8 Series: Premium composite impact wrenches for industrial MRO applications
The CP67x8 premium composite impact wrench series is setting a new power and durability performance standard in some of the most demanding industrial environments, including offshore oil and gas, mining, metal fabrication and heavy duty maintenance.
Red Hawk ROAD Chicago Pneumatic launches new Red Hawk range
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its Red Hawk range of motor drills and breakers. With three options available, the new range is suitable for roads, railways and drilling applications, providing users with a range of rugged and reliable breakers.
CPLB 6 Outriggers Up Chicago Pneumatic unveils brighter LED light tower for jobsite efficiency and safety
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its new ultra-bright LED light tower. The CPLB 6 light tower utilises four 350 W LED’s to provide a lighting efficacy of up to 200 lux. By using LED’s rather than conventional halide lights, the CPLB 6 light tower is 20% brighter than most standard light towers and can reduce energy use by more than 70 per cent.
CP7736 The new CP7736 ½” metal impact wrenches are ideal for efficient tire changing operations
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7736 is a high quality and powerful ½’’ impact wrench with metal housing for ultimate durability. The CP7736-2 model featuring a 2” anvil is really ideal for tire changing applications.
LDE2200   all sections Chicago Pneumatic completes expansion of concrete range with launch of new levelling equipment
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has completed the expansion of its range of reliable and efficient concrete equipment with the addition of two new screeds for the smooth and accurate levelling of poured concrete. Two new lightweight and flexible truss screeds for levelling large areas have been introduced plus an update to Chicago Pneumatics’ popular walk-behind screed. The new concrete screed equipment is designed for a range of applications including flooring, landscaping, road construction and maintenance, tunnels and pathways.
CP88221 New CP882xx Series balloon jacks for your garage and auto body shop
Chicago Pneumatic is enhancing its new workshop equipment product range with the CP882xx balloon jacks series. A brand new range of high quality balloon jacks for light vehicle tire changing applications and auto body shop work.

CPDG Chicago Pneumatic introduces new mobile diesel generators
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has unveiled its new range of mobile diesel-powered generators for the European market. The rugged and easy-to-move CPDG range provides reliable and consistent power to any construction site, with five models available in 9, 14, 20, 30 and 40 kVA ratings. Suitable for prime power applications in the general construction and rental industry the generators are fully CE compliant for use in Europe.
CP MS695 Chicago Pneumatic launches new tampers range to meet compaction challenges
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new MS 595 and MS 695 tampers range to address productivity and manoeuvrability challenges in compaction tasks.
CP7630 The new CP7630 ¾” metal impact wrenches are ideal for repair and general maintenance on vans and heavy vehicles
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP7630 is a high quality and powerful 3/4’’ metal impact wrench, available in short or long 6” anvil version
Bluetork Nutrunner Chicago Pneumatic’s BlueTork Nutrunners: The most reliable and ergonomic solution for truck and bus tire changing operations
Chicago Pneumatic’s BlueTork CP7600 nutrunner series is a reliable and ergonomically designed tool, when used in a comprehensive wheel preparation process that offers a unique torque control solution. The BlueTork nutrunner can tighten wheel nuts to a precise specification without using impact force. It is the only non-impact tool with a shut-off nutrunner available on the market for fleet maintenance applications.
CPPG_complete Chicago Pneumatic launches its largest ever range of portable generators for construction industry
Chicago Pneumatic has launched its largest ever range of portable generators, designed to provide a safe and stable power supply for every type of worksite. The CPPG range comes in two distinct parts, including four product groups.
CPS 11-12 Front Chicago Pneumatic launches new CPS 11.0 and CPS 11-12 portable compressors for the European market
Chicago Pneumatic has introduced new versions of its popular CPS 11.0 (7 bar) and CPS 11-12 (12 bar) portable compressors for the European market. The powerful and extremely reliable compressors feature EU compliant Stage 3B engines and a new electronic control panel which makes them easy for equipment users to operate, monitor and service.
CP7748TL Chicago Pneumatic announces the CP7748TL Torque Limited 1/2" Impact Wrench
Chicago Pneumatic is very excited to announce the newest product for the tire industry, the CP7748TL Torque Limited 1/2" impact wrench. The popular CP7748 Series has been very successful for the general mechanic in need of a high torque impact . The newest addition to the range, the Torque Limited CP7748TL series is intended to be used as a “snugging” tool prior to final tightening with a calibrated torque wrench.

CP7749 Better design, more power: Discover the new CP7749 ½” composite impact wrench
More compact, and stronger the CP7749 is changing to bring maximum efficiency in the workshop.

CP9116 Discover the new CP9116 high quality and powerful 4’’ extended cutting grinder for body shop and general mechanics applications
The new Chicago Pneumatic CP9116 is a high quality and powerful 4’’ extended cutting grinder for body shop and general mechanics applications.
CP6135-D80 New CP6135-D80 super industrial 1-1/2” impact wrench
Best power-to-weight ratio in its class, premium quality and excellent ergonomics for optimum safety

CP cordless range Chicago Pneumatic’s new range of cordless tools provides more power, mobility and productivity
Innovative new high power cordless tools that deliver the power and performance of an air tool while providing the mobility of a battery tool are being launched by Chicago Pneumatic.
CP6748EX-P11R Check out CP's first ATEX certified industrial tool: the powerful CP6748EX 1/2" impact wrench
The new CP6748EX is an ATEX certified tool (94/9/EC and 99/92/EC European directives) for optimal safety in explosive atmospheres. This industrial pneumatic impact wrench offers one of the highest performance, quality and ergonomics in its class.
CPSG Stationary Generator Chicago Pneumatic introduces new CPSG stationary generator range
Chicago Pneumatic has expanded its portfolio of generator products with the launch of a new 50Hz and 60Hz stationary generator range. The robust and reliable CPSG stationary generators are designed for excellent durability, and incorporate user-friendly features that make them easy for contractors to position, operate and maintain on work sites throughout the world.
CP Torque wrenches Discover the CP89 series, a brand new range of torque wrenches for general mechanics and tire changing applications
Chicago Pneumatic is launching the CP89 series, a brand new range of torque wrenches for general mechanics and tire changing applications.
CP7776 New CP7776 1" metal pneumatic impact wrenches
High power and durability for general mechanics and tire changing on heavy vehicles

CPLT M12 3qtr up Chicago Pneumatic launches new robust and reliable CPLT M12 light tower for international markets
International construction equipment Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new CPLT M12 light tower, featuring a manual mast, for the global construction and portable lighting industry.
CPLT H5 3qtr left up Chicago Pneumatic launches new compact and heavy-duty CPLT H5 light tower with hydraulic mast
International construction equipment Chicago Pneumatic has launched a new compact and heavy duty CPLT H5 portable light tower, featuring a hydraulic mast, which is fully CE compliant for use in European markets.
New CPS 2.0 portable compressor from Chicago Pneumatic delivers simplicity with efficiency
International construction equipment manufacturer Chicago Pneumatic has launched the new CPS 2.0 portable air compressor, which combines robust build quality with easy, efficient and environmentally friendly operation. The new portable compressor, which will be available from April 2014, is designed for use on construction sites and in similarly demanding environments where a convenient and reliable source of compressed air is required.
CP5080-5220H18 Versatile and ergonomic CP5080 Industrial Belt Sanders Series
The CP5080 industrial belt sanders series offers a wide range of abrasive belt dimensions from 12 inches up to 24 inches to literally cover every material removal application needs.