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Light and medium models

Our chippers have a straightforward design for easy maintenance, as well as a teasing throttle for precise control. Other features include a rugged hardened steel cylinder and handle, and a choice of bushings.

4-bolt models

These models combine power with a four-bolt, high-strength backhead for heavy-duty chipping, cutting and trimming. The durable four-bolt handle is easy to disassemble for maintenance, and all models include a muffler as standard.

Vibration reduced model

For productivity in challenging working conditions, we offer a model that significantly reduces vibrations without sacrificing hitting power. It’s ideal for repair and refurbishing work on concrete, stone and brickwork.

Our chipping hammers

From chipping to cutting, our chipping hammers balance reliable hitting power with easy handling for dependable performance in a wide range of environmental conditions. They’re designed to deliver the optimal specific bpm for light and medium-hard renovation and construction tasks.


Spare parts lists

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