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Range of models

Whatever the job, large or small, light or heavy, we have the right tool in its breaker range

Operator friendly VR

The vibro-reduced handles with four dampening springs, central pivot pin and long solid steel handles give better vibration reduction and a high level of operator comfort

High power

Powerful, reliable performance day in and day out

We have the right tool for your need

BRK 40 - Lightweight, multi-purpose breakers

BRK 40 VR hydraulic breaker with power pack

The perfect choice for indoor and outdoor renovation and demolition jobs, BRK 40 breakers have a good impact energy combined with a high frequency, at a comparable low-weight. Brickwork, frozen soil, asphalt, and concrete are no match for these tough, lightweight breakers. Frequently chosen by contractors and rentals, BRK 40 breakers are also effective for tamping and compaction and are used by railroad companies for tie tamping applications.

BRK 50 - Medium weight, multi-purpose breakers

A favorite with rental companies, BRK 55 breakers are the ideal choice for road building and maintenance applications. Whether it’s asphalt, brickwork, frozen soil, or concrete, the BRK 55 gives you reliable performance, especially when using a wide asphalt chisel on medium to hard asphalt. Can be used with both 30 l/min and 20 l/min power packs.

BRK 70 - Heavy-duty, multi-purpose breakers

BRK 70 breakers are ideal for heavier jobs in tough materials such as asphalt, frozen soil, and reinforced concrete. The oil flow divider reduces flow and pressure, allowing you to run the tool from hydraulic-powered carriers. Photographed in USA.

Get the job done, fast! BRK 70 breakers are ideal for heavier jobs in tough materials such as asphalt, frozen soil, and reinforced concrete. They work at a standard flow rate of 30 l/min and at 20 l/min with a simple adjustment.

BRK 95 - Super heavy-duty breakers

Handheld breakers don’t get much more powerful than this. With probably the highest impact energy in its weight class and an impact rate of 1,275 blows/min., in some situations, the BRK 95 can even replace small excavators with breaker attachments. Ideal for breaking heavy asphalt, reinforced concrete and foundations, these powerful machines are the rugged choice for utility construction, street main-tenance, repair of water and gas lines and general construction jobs.

VR = Vibro-reduced model HBP = High Back Pressure