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Torque Wrenches

The CP89 series, a brand new range of torque wrenches for general mechanics and tire changing applications.

With 54 teeth fixed pear ratchet head, the CP89 series is designed for high and long-lasting accuracy, at 4% according to the EN ISO 6789:2003 standard and up to 25,000 cycles. 
Available from ¼’’ to 1’’ the CP89 torque wrenches series is ideal for general mechanics and tire changing applications on light and heavy vehicles. 
Users will appreciate the ergonomics of torque adjustment with manual locking in front of the handle and the fine scale graduation (1 Nm or 1 ft.lbs) of the CP torque wrenches range.  Many additional user-friendly features are included such as:  

For easy tool tracking and better safety, each CP torque wrench is numbered and provided with its ISO 6789 calibration certificate.

  • CP Drehmomentschlüssel (Deutsch) 1 MB, PDF
  • CP Torque Wrenches (English) 1 MB, PDF
  • Chiavi Dinamometriche CP (Italiano) 1.7 MB, PDF
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