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Discover the CP Cloud, the extranet dedicated to CP Distributors!


The CP Cloud has been designed by CP to easily share high-value information and interact with Chicago Pneumatic Tools distributors.

CP Cloud
With, all the useful links are grouped in one central page to make it easier for you.

Safe space

The CP Cloud provides approved users with login, access to dedicated content and exclusive services in a centralized location. First you have to register yourself, and we will send you a personal access with login and password. Register now!


The CP Cloud also offers eLearning, especially through videos to facilitate your ability to learn, service, and better sell our products.

Specific product information

Find all useful links for leaflets, catalogs, videos, pictures and exclusive launch packs.

Share with us

The CP Cloud is also a place to share with CP. You can enter our surveys and contests, and win CP rewards.

To learn more, read now your CP Cloud user guide and go to to register for login credentials.