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Introducing the CP7735 3/8” Impact Wrench


Chicago Pneumatic is excited to introduce the CP7735 impact wrench as the newest addition to the 3/8” composite impact wrench offering. Some of the great features and benefits include:

CP7735 pneumatic impact wrench
  • 300 ft-lbs (407Nm) of ultimate torque in reverse for all the power needed to loosen the toughest fasteners a 3/8” impact would face.
  • Twin hammer clutch to remove stubborn fasteners more efficiently.
  • Three position regulator in forward that provides the torque needed without over torquing the fastener
  • Composite handle that provides strong durability with less weight
  • Teasing throttle that allows the operator to have complete control when removing or starting a fastener to prevent from stripping the threads.
  • Available in a ½” version for tough to reach areas a normal ½” can not reach
  • Available in a quiet version reducing the impacted sound pressure to 86 dBA.

The CP7735 is available in 3/8” or ½” and Standard or Quiet versions:
  • CP7735 : 3/8” Impact Wrench
  • CP7735Q : 3/8” Quiet Impact Wrench
  • CP7735H : ½” Impact Wrench
  • CP7735HQ : ½” Quiet Impact Wrench

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