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Discover the Chicago Pneumatic “Passion For Tools” for the Offshore Oil And Gas Sector


Exclusive Interview of Luis Clement, Chicago Pneumatic Tools Vice President, by Aaron Blutstein, for Offshore Design & Engineering Equipment Magazine

Luis Clement
In an exclusive interview, Aaron Blutstein spoke to Luis Clement, Chicago Pneumatic (CP) Tools’ vice president about how the company’s values are at the forefront of technology development for the offshore oil and gas sector.
We have always been involved with customers in the offshore industries from the beginning”. In this interview, Luis Clement returns on how Chicago Pneumatic invests since years on innovative, qualitative and reliable tools, especially designed for the oil and gas industries. “The reliability of the product is paramount – you don’t want a tool to breakdown offshore.”
Mentioning the quality, Luis Clement underlines the “importance of added value: We look at how easily the product can be used and make the user’s life easier.”
The Vice President focuses also on the recent acquisition of a US company: Titan, “part of an overall strategy to increase the company’s market share”, “including powerful hydraulic torque wrenches, pumps and accessories for bolting applications in the oil and gas, petrochemical, wind energy, power generation, mining and construction industries”.
As a special bonus, Luis gave his “top five tips” aimed at driving the customer to choose the right tool in the right way.
Enjoy reading!

Credit to Aaron Blutstein

Titan gehört jetzt zu Chicago Pneumatic Chicago Pneumatic erweitert sein Angebot mit Produkten von Titan
Seit der kürzlich erfolgten Akquisition sind die Schraubfalllösungen von Titan Technologies Teil des qualitativ hochwertigen Produktportfolios an Druckluftwerkzeugen von Chicago Pneumatic Tools. Der Zusammenschluss bedeutet konkret, dass Chicago Pneumatic Tools nun über ein vollständigeres Angebot verfügt und so in der Lage ist, auf alle Anforderungen seiner Kunden für Industrieschlagschrauber einzugehen.

New Chicago Pneumatic Oil, Gas and Petrochemical brochure New Chicago Pneumatic Oil, Gas and Petrochemical brochure
Answering CP industrial customers' expectation, we are introducing a new Oil and Gas and Petrochemical brochure combining the best selection of CP industrial tools, CP pneumatic tools as well as Titan hydraulic bolting solutions and accessories.