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Neuigkeiten / Neues aus den Anwendungsbereichen / Chicago Pneumatic’s MR7000EL rolls into action for compaction jobs in Poland

Chicago Pneumatic’s MR7000EL rolls into action for compaction jobs in Poland


A double-drum hydraulic roller from Chicago Pneumatic is proving to be a powerful ally for a Polish underground pipework contractor. The walk-behind MR7000EL roller is playing a crucial role in the restoration of asphalt roads that follows replacement and repair of water and sewage pipes in the north-eastern city of Suwalki.

MR7000 Poland PR
The contractor, Przedsiebiorstwo Wodociagow i Kanalizacji w Suwalkach SP. Z O.O, held a competitive tender for the supply of the compaction equipment before selecting the Chicago Pneumatic MR7000EL roller on the strength of its high quality components, ergonomic design and world-class oil-cooling system.

However, since being put into action, the MR7000EL has shown a number of additional advantages. Jan Stefanowicz, manager of the contracting company, said: ”The quality of the result is very impressive. The standard compaction equipment we used previously was not sufficiently powerful for this particular application, but with this new unit the structure of the compacted asphalt is much better, which will contribute to the durability of the road surface. We have also been impressed by the fuel efficiency of this roller, which is much better than others we have used. Another advantage of the MR7000EL is its maneouverability and ease of use, both of which are important where fast action is needed in locations with high levels of traffic.”

Chicago Pneumatic’s local partner in Poland, PHU Chicago, spent almost three months in direct discussions with the customer to determine the technical requirements of the application and make recommendations. Upon delivery, PHU Chicago provided the contractor’s employees with detailed training on operation, maintenance and safety regulations. The provision of such professional service and support earned further praise from the contractor.

Michal Ostrowski, sales representative at PHU Chicago, said: ”By developing a close working relationship with the contractor we were able to support them throughout the decision-making process and also assist with training and advice after the MR7000EL had been delivered. It has been a good example of the partnership approach that we develop when working with customers, in order to ensure an excellent end result.”

Equipped with stepless forward/backward control and a compact design, the fully hydraulic MR7000EL is easy to maneouvre in confined spaces. Its 71-litre water tank minimises the need for refill stops, while reliable power is supplied by the unit’s Hatz engine.

The MR7000EL is among the most popular products in Chicago Pneumatic’s comprehensive range of compaction equipment, which includes forward plates for both soil and asphalt, as well as forward and reversible plates, trench rollers and tampers.