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Why customers prefer the CP3850?

The power of a governed motor

a governed motor
The CP governed motor delivers its maximum torque close to the free speed of the tool, prevents over speed and reduces air consumption. 
With a skilled operator, the CP governed motor can reach up to 220% more power than a ungoverned motor!

The productivity increased by the autobalancer

autobalancer benefits
The autobalancer contains free spheres: their momentum counterbalances the abrasive’s vibrations caused by its structural imperfections. The autobalancer can reduce these vibrations by 20%. The contact between the abrasive and the the application is therefore optimized, resulting in a material removal rate increased up to 15% vs. a tool without an autobalancer.  
Save up to 1,000 USD a month by working 4 hours a day with the CP3850 equipped with the autobalancer. The tool will pay for itself !

The angle view of the CP3850

The angle view of the CP3850
The low profile angle head of the CP3850 allows grinding in restricted areas and enlarges operator’s angle of view on application.
This angle enhances operator’s precision and increases productivity.

CP3850-85AB7VE Série CP3850: Esmerilhadeiras e lixadeiras industriais potentes
A Chicago Pneumatic apresenta sua nova linha de esmerilhadeiras e lixadeiras industriais angulares da série CP3850 que oferece a mais alta relação potência/peso da categoria.