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Chicago Pneumatic introduces CP7749 - ½ inch Impact Wrench with Revolutionary Design


CP7749 is the industry’s first ½ inch pneumatic impact wrench to feature side-to-side (S2S®) forward/reverse functionality

Chicago Pneumatic, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of high-performance aftermarket tools, accessories and compressors, has brought to market the world’s first and only ½ inch pneumatic impact wrench with side-to-side (S2S) Technology for forward/reverse functionality located directly above the trigger. This revolutionary design provides the easiest to use and most convenient forward/reverse system ever engineered in a pneumatic impact wrench.
Targeted applications are tires in vehicle service or any other application where power is required combined with necessity to constantly change between forward/reverse.

The CP7749 is well balanced, light weight at only 1,98 kg (4.37 pounds), and packs a punch with 980 Nm (725 ft.lbs) of true, honest torque. Combine those features with the patent-pending S2S Technology, and Chicago Pneumatic has created a tool that reduces the strain on wrist and forearm common with the use of typical impact wrenches when changing direction of rotation.
The exclusive S2S Technology allows technicians to effortlessly change between forward and reverse with one hand in any position. The three position power regulator in forward provides control and helps to prevent over-tightening, while full power remains constant in reverse to ensure technicians have max power to remove fasteners without changing the setting in the forward position.
The CP7749 is a continuation of the Chicago Pneumatic’s line of power tools in magnesium composite design, which started with the astonishing 7740. This design provides a very lightweight and compact tool at only 1,98 kg (4.37 pounds) and 186 mm (7.3 inches) in length. The tool features a twin hammer clutch to ensure long term durability and power and a full tease trigger for ultimate control of its 980 Nm (725 ft.lbs) of torque.
The CP7749 is also available with a two-inch anvil (CP7749-2) for tire removal applications when accessibility is an issue or the use of ”flip”-sockets.

CP7749 Introducing S2S Technology for pneumatic impact wrench CP7749 – Introducing S2S Technology
Chicago Pneumatic, a world-leading impact wrench manufacturer, presents the world’s first ½ inch pneumatic impact wrench with side-to-side forward/reverse functionality. Feel the perfectly-balanced weight distribution. Control your tightening and loosening like never before with the full teasing trigger.
CP Revolution Power in your hands Register now and get a 2-year warranty!
By registering your new CP7749 online, get additional support and, the icing on the cake, an additional year of limited warranty! (two years instead of one)
CP7749 Flyers CP7749 Flyers
Discover all of the unique features of the new impact wrench from Chicago Pneumatic. Combining MgDriven Technology for superior torque and reliability with the industry's best one-handed forward & reverse, S2S Technology, you'll be amazed at what this tool has been engineered to do.
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Find out what is behind all of the buzz in the industry! The CP7749 has received rave reviews in customer testing. Join the CP impact wrench revolution (work not labor) and tell us what you think about the tool!