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Chile: CP breaker boosts productivity and wins sale

In late 2008 Chicago Pneumatic delivered its first CP 1150 hydraulic breaker to the world’s southernmost city: Punta Arenas.

In Punta Arenas, located 3,000 km south of Santiago de Chile, city authorities have started building a casino near the sea. The contractor, Maqsa Austral, had to install around 9,000 wood piles to stabilize the ground. Each pile is 300 mm in diameter and three to four meters in length.
The contractor rented a large “spike driver” machine for the job, but the work was progressing slowly – the workers were installing only 25 piles per eight-hour shift.
Chicago Pneumatic demonstrated a solution to the challenge: a CP 1150 hydraulic breaker on a 20-ton excavator, which could more quickly and powerfully drive the piles into the ground.
The CP 1150 succeeded in driving one pile per minute into the ground, strongly increasing the contractor’s productivity. It wasn’t a tough choice; Maqsa Austral continued the job with the CP breaker.